Wild About Supporters

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society team members and supporters are passionate about spending time outdoors doing physical activity,  learning, and sharing their love of nature.  

Join us!

·       #getOUTdoors: Go outdoors more often for health/wellbeing, pro-environmental behaviours and experiences that stick

·       Local Network: meet others interested in outdoor learning and time spent outdoor who live and work near you

·       #getINvolved in Community Engagement: Share your message with those in the Wild About community and beyond via WAV social network contracts.  Come volunteer with Wild About Outdoor Learning Society, taking photos, blogging, supporting events and lessons, etc., Active increased awareness and participation in outdoor learning and time spent outdoors in your communities.


·       WA Members are people wanting to get more involved in the ensuring the Wild About Outdoor Learning Society is meeting its goals through volunteering and attending monthly meetings. 

·       Members are able to vote at the Annual General Meeting each September.

·       Directors of the Wild About Outdoor Learning Society must be members according to our bylaws. 

·       The annual membership can be paid by e-transfer to  wildaboutsociety@gmail.com


·       WA depends on grants and donations to ensure that we are able to make Wild About Outdoor Learning Festivals free and accessible to all members of local communities; provide training and resource development..  

·       Tax Receipts from the University of Northern British Columbia are provided for donations through our relationship with UNBC.  

·       Gratitude goes out to all of our supporters.

Thanks to all of our supporters and donors.

Donor Recognition Programme

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