Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s Ovoidism

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OvoidsOutside already? Downtown perhaps? Check out the new location of the Vancouver Art Gallery at the Larwill Park site. What may seem like an ordinary parking lot is also the current visual installation by celebrated artist, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.

Ovoid shapes are a central design element in traditional Northwest Coast art, and are a reoccurring theme in much of Yuxweluptun’s work. Here at the site of what will be the new Gallery, he has constructed 3 large entry/ exitways out of these colorful and alluring shapes. As you move past them the ovoids seem to shift and reshape with your changing perspective- an experience that is subtly meditative as it frames the comings and goings of this otherwise vacant lot. It’s well worth a look if you’re about in downtown Vancouver this sunny afternoon.

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