Wild Science at Templeton Secondary

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It was a wild week for Templeton Secondary school students, as WAV’s very own, Kate  Inch, taught 3 Science lessons around the school. On Tuesday, she led a class in making ionic compounds where students learned the chemical formula: baking soda + vinegar = fun. This was followed up on Thursday with an Earth Science lesson that had students digging in the school garden and green spaces to collect soil samples, which they assessed for composition differences and acidity. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty in the name of science! Today she led an assignment that had students dehydrating food and meal planning for an upcoming trip to the West Coast Trail, finishing off with an ‘Amazing Race’ style scavenger hunt. Certainly, they’ll be well prepared for their adventure. Way to go Templeton Secondary for bringing the learning outdoors this week!

Spring Cheng 2016 04 17, 3 09 02 Pm
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