Submitted by: EcoFriendly Sask
Grade level: elementary,middle-years,secondary
Core Competencies: communication,social-responsibility
Subject Disciplines: biology,earth-science-and-space-science,outdoor-education

Nature Companion (
is a free app/website introducing many of the plants and animals found
in Canada’s four western provinces. In just one app, you’ll find basic information
about over 300 common plants, trees, birds, animals, insects, reptiles, and
amphibians. It’s available on or off line and is very user-friendly. It provides
short, easy-to-understand descriptions and colourful photographs along with a Did
you know?
section with interesting, unexpected details about each species. Nature
Companion is free with no ads or sign up and can be installed on your phone or
tablet directly from the Nature Companion website. Check the Help (the ?
in the top right corner) for assistance in installing the app. Nature Companion
was developed by EcoFriendly Sask, a brother and sister duo based in Saskatoon.

Nature Companion: An Entry-Level Nature App for Canada’s Four Western Provinces

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