Wild About: Happy New Year 2023

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Hopefully the holiday season has been good to you and yours.

Happy New Year

The weather has been tumultuous throughout British Columbia.  Some great possibilities for outdoor activity but not so conducive to anything involving an airport!  Living in British Columbia, we are home to incredible biodiversity and terrain conducive to outdoor physical activity during all seasons of the year.  Hopefully you have found lots of opportunities to #getOUTdoors #getINvolved and celebrate the place where we live.

This is our first year to celebrate as a non-profit society in British Columbia.  The Wild About Outdoor Learning Society has grown out of the success of the grassroots movement, Wild About Vancouver, that formed in 2015.  The flagship event, the Tidal WAV (pronounced “wave”) Outdoor Festival provided Wild About Society with a structure to share ways for Vancouverites to get involved in outdoor activity, experiential learning, and environmentalism in their city.   It also served as a way for groups to network and engage in collaborative action.

Wild About Society has expanded its mandate to include all people in the Province of British Columbia with opportunities to improve their physical health, mental health, and actions to improve the environment.  It also strives to support towns and cities in B.C. in building community through networking with like-minded groups with the common interest of getting people outdoors and involved in community outdoor activities, experiential learning, opportunities, and actions to improve their local environment.

Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

1.     To provide information and opportunities for the people of British Columbia of all ages to get involved in outdoor physical activity, experiential learning, and environmentalism in their city or town through social media, publications, and the hosting of Wild About Outdoor Learning Festivals throughout the province.

2.     To work in collaboration with indigenous people to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate the importance of place and indigenous ways of knowing in outdoor activity and experiential learning.

3.     To work collaboratively with local communities to plan inclusive Wild About Outdoor Learning Festivals where all members of the local community can see themselves represented.

4.     To develop tools to facilitate the organization of outdoor possibilities and the planning of Wild About Outdoor Learning Festivals to increase participation in outdoor physical activity, experiential learning, and environmentalism by local community members.

We would love for you to join us through volunteering, hosting a Wild About Outdoor Learning Festival in your community, donating merchandise for prizes at the Tidal WAV, and/or making a financial contribution.

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