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Wild About Vancouver is excited to announce the appointment of Marcus Wild as the WAV 2016 Artist in residence!

Marcus follows the 2015 appointment of Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, whose poem “Song Dogs,” was read by the poet, at the inaugural TidalWAV event and awarded to key donors and volunteers.

Marcus Wild has been an artist as long as he can remember. Ever since his mother thrust a coloured crayon into his hand to keep him entertained while she baked. It was either draw, or play outside with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Tree houses, underground ‘secret bunkers’, and abandoned houses were playgrounds before he moved on to more orthodox team sports such cricket, rugby and football (soccer!)

Marcus WildAs for his art, he has tried his hand at most thing’s visual – anything involving putting a mark down on a piece of paper, canvas or indeed a ‘virtual’ mark on a computer screen.

He grew up in the English city of Wakefield, which is in West Yorkshire. Along with two brothers, a jazz drummer father, and an artist mother, he had a wonderful childhood full of art, music and playing outside with friends. Once school was done he left for Technical College to do a two-year Foundation Course in Art. From there, he went on to Wolverhampton University to focus on Design and Illustration. Armed with a degree, a major hangover and his portfolio, Marcus made his way to London. Wide-eyed and ready to go, he embraced this fantastic city, and found himself working in some interesting places (to say the least)! His work focused primarily around advertising, within full service ad companies, as well as in studios full of like-minded, storyboard artists, illustrators and painters. Great times indeed with the music blaring and everyone running around to get jobs done before the dreaded deadline! While in London, he also had a comic strip for a “boys own” magazine and did a Marilyn Manson album cover.

Burrard Inlet smallSMAfter 15 years in “The Big Smoke”, Marcus decided to move to Canada. He found himself on the West Coast, in the beautiful city of Vancouver. As soon as his work visa arrived, he landed a job at Electronic Arts (Black Box). EA was a fantastic place to kick-start his next adventure into the field of video game concept art. He did this for three years – doing concepts, storyboarding and some art direction on award-winning titles in the “Need for Speed” franchise. Not only was the work fun, but he met and learned from some very experienced, and talented people. He then went on to work for a few smaller games companies.

Once he’d finished a game or two, Marcus decided that he needed to do something for himself and began to focus on a variety of children’s book ideas that he’d had buzzing around in his head for years. “The Pirate Who Lost His AARRR!” was the first book he published. He fills his time with a variety of projects, ranging from contract game conception, through to film, storyboarding, as well as the occasional large, painting exhibition. Recently, he finished a month long sketch-a-day diary of landmarks and interesting viewpoints around Vancouver. Talking to people, as he drew an interesting intersection, he considers to be “a wonderful way to spend a few hours each day.” He loves to observe people going about their busy lives while sitting against alamppost or bus shelter. He compares it to “watching a time-lapse video in real-time!” He sees biking around as a wonderful way to explore the “nucks and crannies” of this diverse and beautiful city.

Mount Pleasant smallSMThe work that WAV is so passionately involved in struck a chord with Marcus because it reminds him of his youth. “Going outside to play every day was wonderful. Nature itself was my XBox 360, and friends, the supporting cast in a 24 hours a day film, that evolved along the blurred line between reality and imagination. As darkness fell my ears would tingle as if I knew what was coming and then it would happen, mum would call my name from the back door and it was time to drop the chosen game for that day, a ball, bike or even just a stick! Time to press pause, go back inside and recharge the batteries ready for the outdoor fun to resume the next day.”

He also enjoys playing football for a team called the “Bulldogs” and coaches a ladies team too: “Devils” by name, and Devils by nature!

Marcus is a passionate artist who will think nothing of going above and beyond to make sure the project he is working on is done to the very highest degree of professionalism and expertise that his talents will allow! WAV is very excited to have him involved in the 2016 Wild About Vancouver Education Festival!

You can reach Marcus on his Cell # 778 628 4383 or email him at marcuswild7@gmail.com

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