WAV Steering Committee – we need you!

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Hi friends and supporters of WAV and outdoor learning! Unbelievable, but WAV is embarking on a 5th year!
WAV is a community-driven, grass-roots outdoor learning festival that encourages everyone to get outdoors more often, particularly for learning.
The WAV Steering Committee (SC) proves oversight for WAV from September to May annually.  Generally, the SC meets once a month for about 2 hours and in between there may be 3-5 hours of work/month.
WAV seeks all sorts of supporters to help out to make 2019 successful.
If you are interested in joining the WAV SC, please sign up below.  Tell us a bit about what you want to help out with (promoting lessons, writing blogs, taking photos, supporting volunteers, getting prizes, etc) and how much time you can commit to WAV (any amount of time is welcomed!).


Please forward this URL to whomever may wish to join WAV.
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