The EPIC program at Southern Okanagan Secondary School

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I have been working with Ryan Baptiste for the past two years through his Master’s studies in the HOPE-Ed M.Ed. cohort in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC.  Ryan’s is a master teacher who has crafted a unique learning experience that meets the wants of learners and challenges concepts of learning.  One of my favourite stories Ryan has shared (and he is a great story-teller) was about how he became a Tech Ed (shop) teacher.  A significant part of EPIC includes building projects that are then used in the field, such as snow shoes, paddles, root digging sticks, walking sticks, folding stools…  Many of these projects Ryan engages in as a student himself, learning and testing and rebuilding.  This approach he shares with the learners in EPIC.  The intentionality of pedagogy, place and time that Ryan brings to his lessons seems to be reiterated in the EPIC program itself.  Ryan’s story is inspiring and empowering.  Thanks for sharing, Ryan.

In Ryan’s words:

EPIC (Experiential, Project-based, Indigenous, and Community) is an inclusive program designed to engage students in a variety of challenging learning experiences. The program emphasizes project-based, experiential learning for all students who will come to understand the First Nations Principles of Learning. EPIC takes place in a variety of venues including the backcountry, community venues and the school, Learning occurs through group discussion, group and individual projects, outdoor pursuits, skill development sessions and peer teaching. Hands on learning will focus on the four courses: ADST Media Arts/Design 9/10, Physical and Health Education 9/10, English 9/ EFP New Media/Spoken Language 10, and ADST Woodwork 9/10, delivered in a cross-curricular model. Upon completion of the EPIC program, students will receive credits for the above-mentioned course along with an invaluable learning experience in high school.
Ryan Baptiste
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