Forest Literacy Framework

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Project Learning Tree Canada‘s
Forest Literacy Framework translates the language of forests and sustainable
forest management into concepts for everyone. The framework offers 100 forest
concepts for Grades K-12, organized into four themes: What is a forest?, Why do
forests matter?, How do we sustain our forests?, and What is our responsibility
to forests?

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As we grapple with environmental challenges like climate change and the demand for resources, our forests are more important than ever. We see it as our collective responsibility towards current and future generations to advance understanding of the value of forests and support informed decision-making in support of healthy and resilient forests.

Forest literacy – knowledge and skills surrounding forests and related topics – is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor, with connections from social studies and mathematics to health and business, and many subjects in between.

To translate the complex language of forests, trees, forest practices, and sustainable forest management into concepts that are appropriate for K–12 learners, and empower them to take actions that benefit forests and all of us, PLT Canada has developed the Forest Literacy Framework. 

The Framework has applications for K-12 youth, teachers, nonformal educators, as well as natural resource professionals, forest landowners, and managers across the United States and Canada. It incorporates diverse voices and perspectives, which enhance our collective ability to understand the forest and each other.

The Forest Literacy Framework presents a learning pathway for educating K-12 students about forests, with the goal of a forest-literate future.

PLT’s Forest Literacy Framework promotes education that empowers learners to apply critical thinking and innovation to make decisions about forests and forest resources, understand the role forests play in addressing local and global environmental challenges, and grow up to be stewards of the forest.

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