8 Physical Exercises you can do outdoors during COVID-19

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How might you keep your body physically healthy during COVID-19?

This is a list of the activities that many can (and will) do throughout their lives.  Most are applicable during COVID-19 and people of many ages can do these, at their own degree of challenge. Most activities can be done outdoors around your home, with no cost:

1. Walk- you can walk around your neighbourhood- keeping safe physical distancing

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2. Run- as above but running….

3. Squats- Easily done indoors or outdoors, no equipment necessary

4. Turkish Getup- Again, indoors or outdoors.  Do not have a kettle bell?  Fill up a milk jug with water and use that…

5. Swimming-  may be a difficult during COVID-19.

6. Push ups- indoor/outdoor- easy to drop and give 10 or 20 or….

7. Plank- indoor/outdoor- no cost or equipment

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8. Pull ups- may be a difficult during COVID-19. Make sure you clean hands after touching a pull up bar.

9. Stretching- You can stretch anywhere!  Take a matt or blanket outdoors and stretch.

10. Diet- What you eat plays an important role in how you feel and your energy

Read the original article from the Huff Post here.

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