Tidal WAV "wave" 2023

Tidal WAV  (Wild About Vancouver) Outdoor Festival is an annual free public event offering practical suggestions to get preschoolers, children and adults outdoors more regularly.  It is an opportunity for Vancouverites to network with outdoor educators, people engaged in caring for the environment, and people who want to #getOUTdoors and #getINvolved  

JOIN US!                                                                     

                Saturday, May 27, 2023 

in Stanley Park and  Ceperley Park by the Second Beach Concession stand

Outdoor activities, experiential learning and networking events 

Wild About Vancouver (WAV)  started  working to enhance outdoor opportunities, experiential learning, and environmental action for preschoolers, school aged children, youth, and adults in 2015.  On August 4, 2022, WAV morphed in a provincial non-profit group called the Wild About Outdoor Learning Society.   Our goal is to create an inclusive sense of community in Vancouver  that welcomes the diverse members of our city as valued supporters, participants and leaders in outdoor activity and action to sustain and improve the environment.

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society welcomes everyone passionate about time spent outdoors and outdoor learning.  We would love to have you join Wild About. Find out more about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

Get Involved!

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