About Wild about

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society  offers practical ways to get children (and adults) outdoors more regularly.

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society has educational, environmental, recreational and charitable goals to educate and support the people of British Columbia. 

This incorporated non-profit society is based on research documenting the many ways that time spent outdoors positively impacts health and wellness, as well as environmental outcomes. It began as a grassroots movement devoted to nurturing and BEING OUTdoors in 2015.

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society’s success depends on enthusiasts who share a passion for the outdoors to improve physical health, mental health, environmental relationships, and community engagement for the people of British Columbia.

Wild About Outdoor Learning Society has four goals that are deeply entwined.  Each goal is articulated below:

  1. Wild About Outdoor Learning will provide options and support personal engagement in accessible outdoor opportunities for people in British Columbia to fully participate to advance their learning, physical, mental health and environmental engagement.
  2. Wild About Outdoor Learning will provide opportunities for people to build community through actively participating outdoors in social activity.
  3. Wild About Outdoor Learning will heighten the potential for environmental stewardship by educating and engaging British Columbians, outdoors and on the land. 
  4. Wild About Outdoor Learning will strengthen networking across the groups involved in promoting  the value of time spent outdoors to create connections and structure collaborative activities between local groups including families, youth, Indigenous, seniors, new British Columbians, community organizations, schools, teacher education programs, and other allies.


Get Involved!

WA is grassroots and open to everyone. If you are passionate about time spent outdoors and outdoor learning, we would love to have you join WA. Find out more about the many volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

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